Out Of Luck is NOW available for rent or purchase via digital download!
Or purchase a DVD

EDUCATION EDITION (For All Audiences):

OUT OF LUCK is now available in 60 countries worldwide via digital download on iTunes, Google Play and Amazon Prime.

If OUT OF LUCK is not available in your country and you'd like to see it, let us know!


Screenings are being set up around the country on an on-going basis.  If you'd like to set up a screening in your city, please contact us here.  Screenings are easy and fun to set up and you can follow these easy steps when setting one up in your community:

How To Hold A Screening of “Out Of Luck”


1. Who Is Coming? Ask yourself how many people may attend this screening, as this will help you choose an appropriate venue.


2. What's the Venue? Once you have an idea of how many people may come, you can start picking out a venue. If it's a small number of folks, then a living room or small community room could be fine. If you have a larger group, then start looking at some venues in your community. Churches, community rooms, schools, libraries and meeting rooms within your city or town hall are all great venues for a screening. Most of these venues will allow you to use their space for free if you let them know the educational purpose of the film, and the audience it is intended for. Make sure to invite their staff/group/congregation to be a part of the screening as well.


3. How Will You View It? Once you've chosen the venue, you'll have to find out what equipment they have and how they will show the film. Most, if not all, will have a DVD player and projector while some will prefer to connect and play the film via computer. Once the venue has let you know what they prefer, you can purchase the film from the Out of Luck movie website.


4. Which Version of the Film? You can purchase the film on DVD and/or purchase a digital download from the links on Out of Luck’s website. Please note, the film does have a very few instances of foul language that may not be appropriate for all audiences. In that case, there is an "Education Edition" that is appropriate for all audiences and venues. You can buy the Education Edition DVD here. The Education Edition is only available on DVD for now, but will soon be available for digital download via Amazon. Please check back.


5. Get The Word Out! Once your venue is set and a date is chosen, it's time to let people know! Contact your friends and family as well as local churches, recovery/addiction professionals and groups, your local politicians - both for your town and your state legislative district, and your local newspaper. Make sure to reach out via social media and link to the film @outofluckmovie.


6. Enjoy The Film and Hold A Discussion After the screening, it's a great idea to have a discussion about the film with those in attendance. The experience of the gamblers, the relationship of government and gambling, the advertising and marketing, and the expansion of lotteries in your state are all great topics for a group to discuss.


7. Share The Event It's important to spread the word. This film does not have Hollywood blockbuster budgets and relies on you! Take pictures at your event and share them on social media and with friends, family and your community. Let us know about your event by posting to our Twitter and Facebook pages @outofluckmovie.


*Director Bert Klasey and certain people who are featured in the film are available to attend select screenings and lead or participate in Q&A sessions. If you are interested in bringing them to your event, please contact them above and they will provide the details.