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Where does the lottery money go?

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Out of Luck Documentary Sheds Light on Reality of Lottery and Answers the Question: Where does the Money go?


June 3, 2016 (New York) – Out of Luck, the first feature-length documentary film to examine state lotteries, will premiere Friday, June 3rd on Amazon Prime, iTunes and Google Play. Out of Luck is a compelling, informative and surprising look at the history and rapid expansion of a $68 billion dollar industry that is virtually unregulated, and an investigative look at the real people who are playing the most.


“I’ve always been fascinated by lottery, but questioned the repeated promises that the money would go to improving schools and access to education.  Lottery was expanding all around me, but public education never seemed to be benefitting,“ said Bert Klasey, film director. “After a brief lesson into state run lotteries, I was astonished to learn how much money each state generates from their lotteries and the amount that comes from the financially desperate – people who feel they need to play just to pay the bills. I wanted to tell a story that not only explores where the money is going, but exposes the reality of who is playing.”


Over the past 50 years, lotteries have expanded to become the largest casino in America, raking in billions of dollars, with little or no oversight at the state or federal level. With more than 45 million Americans falling below the poverty line, it is not surprising many people turn to get rich quick schemes like lottery as a way of improving the quality of their lives.  With 28% of those below the poverty line believing the lottery is the best way to secure their financial future, and the overwhelming number of sales coming from low-income zip codes, it is clear that the lottery is impacting those who can least afford to lose.


Out of Luck follows the lives of four individuals impacted by state lottery and learns their stories of struggle, and gaining an understanding of why they play despite the long odds.  The most thorough study of state-operated lottery gambling ever put on film, Out of Luck strives to find out if running a gambling system an appropriate way to raise money for government. 


Out of Luck features insights and commentary from leading economists, historians and authors such as Michael Medved, Taylor Branch, and Bryce Covert, and comedians such as Adam Carolla.


Out of Luck is available on digital download at iTunes, Amazon.com and Google Play.

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The Impact of Problem Gambling

This film was made in large part to raise awareness of problem gambling and its impacts on the addict, the families, and our nation as a whole.  Many addicted gamblers, active and in recovery, took part in this film both on screen and off and we are grateful because without their courage to share their stories, this film would not be possible.  

If you are struggling with problem gambling, or if you know someone who is, help is available.  Click below for care in your area.

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